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Log House Plants has been growing a wide and varied selection of classic and extraordinary plants for over 40 years. We delight in finding fabulous heritage plants as well as the newest offerings from West Coast hybridizers. Year after year, we remain excited about introducing new plants, showcasing uncommon ones, and assembling intriguing collections. The thrill never fades and we are already on the hunt for great plants to grow for you in 2018!

Your customers will be happy to hear that Log House Plants does not use neonics or other toxic systemics. Our pollinator-friendly plants are grown in organic soil and are protected with a wide range of IPM techniques and biological controls, including take-home beneficial insects that will colonize in your customers’ gardens. For more information, download signage of our growing procedures. We hope you will also download our description-and-photo-linked 2017 Variety Index to your desktop and make use of our downloadable display or bench cards.

The Mosquito Repellent Plants have arrived! Plant choices are based on the scientific review of ethnobotany studies funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Plant yours now for a safe, effective way to stay bite-free in the garden this summer.

Shipping has ended for the 2017 season. Check back in January for a new availability as well as to see what new plants are in store for your store! In the meantime click on our 2018 Additions link on the right (in the sidebar) to see what we’ve already started on.

If you missed out on our Day of the Dead containers, don’t worry: we’ll have more next year!

To support you in as many ways as possible, we provide a library of resources here on our site. We also proudly host an informative, offbeat, fun and often funny blog, Green Gardening with Ann Lovejoy, written by one of the Northwest’s favorite gardeners. Ann’s blog entries combine garden tips, plant-based recipes, and slice-of-life gardening experiences with her own special brand of wit and humor, and we hope you’ll enjoy sharing any or all of it with your own retail customers.


Langley, WA — “Edible Main Street”

Inspired by Pam Warhurst, cofounder of Incredible Edible, the city of Langley, WA has dedicated much of its public space to edible gardens. Langley is located on Whidbey Island, just north of Seattle. Their public gardens, where visitors are encouraged to forage, feature many of our plants! See video, below.



Grafted Vegetables

This traditional technique dramatically improves vigor and yield. Read more on our Log House grafting page and the SuperNaturals website. Just for fun, see the hilarious Colbert video about Ketchup ‘n’ Fries. For a look at our own grafted vegetable garden, play the video below.