Wholesale Availability

Wholesale availability

updated daily during active season

Log House Plants is a wholesale nursery located in the Pacific Northwest and the availability lists posted here are only for independent retail nurseries. Gardeners can request our plants at many local nurseries throughout the Pacific Northwest. For a list of fine independent nurseries, please see the Retail Outlets page.

PDF Availability for the week of July 21st, 2024. Use this version to fill in by hand (or on-screen, using Acrobat Pro), then return it to us via fax, scan or email.

Word Availability for the week of July 21st, 2024. Use this version to type your order into the document (if you’re unable to type directly into PDF Availability), then save and attach to send back by email or fax.

Fax orders to 541.942.3235 or email orders to orders @ loghouseplants . com

The availability is updated often throughout the week; please refresh your browser before downloading.

If you have trouble opening this pdf file in your browser, try right-clicking on the availability link and choose the option to save it to your computer. You will need to have a PDF reader installed, such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Posters and other materials are available for download in our library

New customers will need to submit a Credit Application

Our 2023 UPC & Price List is available in Excel format

For a letter-size graphic of our Sustainability Certificate, click here.