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Treasure Island Sweet Potatoes – Beautiful foliage in the summer and delicious sweet potatoes in the fall!

Two Vegetables in One… or Brussels What??? – Val Easton writes about new Brassica ‘Petit Posy’

Vegetables that do well for me in containers – By Kym Pokorny for the Oregonian

Nutritional Psychiatrists say eating vegetables can improve your mood – a groundbreaking article from FreshPlaza

The Purple Tomato, a new chapter in the GMO debate – transcript of a show from Boise State Public Radio, as reported by Sáša Woodruff

Everything You Need to Know About Urfa Biber, the Miracle Spice – By M. Elizabeth Sheldon, writing for Food & Wine Magazine

There’s a whole new vegetable and some cool new varieties on the market – By Kym Pokorny

Grab & Grow Gardens – We’ve designed six regional vegetable collections with varieties chosen for flavor, productivity, and ease of care

A hunger for beautiful edibles – Featuring Grab & Grow vegetables, by Elizabeth Petersen for Digger Magazine.

Oregon’s Legume Legacy – OPB article on one of Oregon’s biggest crops

Magic Beans – Oregonian article with recipes, featuring Carol and Anthony Boutard

Magical Heirloom Beans – Ann Lovejoy writes about growing and using heirloom beans

Olives Research Project Helps Growing Interests in the PNW – From the OSU Extension Service

Edamame Soybeans – Brochure about growing and using edamames, with info from WSU extension service

Believe it or Not Vegetables – Descriptions and hand-drawn illustrations of some very unusual vegetables. (pdf format)

Sweet Potatoes – 11×17 poster with ten of our colorful varieties

Vegetable MD Online – Plant disease info from Cornell

–Tomatoes and Vegetable Grafting

Behold the Tomato – Martha Stewart Living features Wild Boar Farms tomatoes

Grafted Tomatoes on Garden Time:

Grafted tomatoes become super producers – USA Today article, with video interview

Grafted Tomatoes Beat Diseases – by Graham Rice, the Transatlantic Gardener

Grafted tomatoes are growing larger and producing more than regulars in my garden – by Kym Pokorny for The Oregonian

Introducing Our First Crop Ever of Grafted Tomatoes! – Our Garden News article about the history, methods, and benefits of grafting

Can You Dig It? – Garden advice from the Wall Street Journal featuring Amy Stewart and our grafted tomatoes

Reader Response: Grafted tomatoes get a green thumbs up from most gardeners – by Kym Pokorny for The Oregonian

Grafted TomsVancouver Sun article about grafted tomatoes and Log House Plants

Teaming Tomatoes – Gardening article about grafted tomatoes in The Register-Guard

Grafted tomatoes grab attention with improved vigor, production and disease resistance – by Kym Pokorny for The Oregonian

What’s That You Say? Grafted Tomatoes? – Garden Rant post with Ann Lovejoy

Grafting for Disease Resistance in Heirloom Tomatoes – Publication from the NC Cooperative Extension Service

Grafting Can Help Fight Foliar Diseases, OSU Researchers Find – Ohio State University research found that grated tomatoes are more disease resistant and have higher levels of flavonoids

Grafting Techniques for Greenhouse Tomatoes – Article by Richard McAvoy, University of Massachusetts

Tomato Grafting Research Program – North Carolina Cooperative Extension research, presentations, and handouts

Tomato Grafting Project – Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center research project (Ohio State University)

Vegetable Grafting Information Website – Research project from the University of Arizona and US Horticultural Research Laboratory

Tomato Grafting – Organic farmer Jack Manix from Vermont shares his grafting experiences

Grafted Vegetables – color handout with pictures and grafting info

Grafted Vegetables – You’re Going to Want Them – by Mary Kate Mackey

Grafted Tomatoes – Blog entry from Portland Monthly’s Plantwise

Tomato Grafting video from Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Tomato Time – By Val Easton

Grafted tomatoes: bigger, better for home gardeners – by Val Easton for The Seattle Times

–Fall & Winter Vegetables

Fall & Winter Vegetable Guide – Planting and harvesting chart for fall & winter vegetable varieties


A Chicory to Dismantle Late-Stage Capitalism – Kristy Mucci writes about radicchio

Bitter & Bold – Kristy Mucci writes about chicories in the January 2021 edition of Food & Wine magazine

Chicory Week – Seattle’s premier chicory festival.

If You’ve Never Tried Growing Radicchio, Now is the Time – Margaret Roach’s wonderful article in the NY Times.

Italian Sagra – Lane Selman’s article on how this uniquely Italian concept inspired the CBN’s joyful celebration of local vegetables.

The Radicchio Revolution – Jason Salvo, owner of Local Roots Farm in Seattle, writes about the roots of the radicchio revolution.

Three wonderful Chicory resources, in PDF format, listed below:

Radicchio Brochure – Osborne Seed’s beautifully detailed layout of many of the chicory varieties we carry

Chicory Poster – Want to know where your chicory comes from?

Radicchio zine – More than 30 pages of drawings, recipes and information on this vastly versatile vegetable!

Culinary Breeding Network

Lane Selman Bio – Founder of the Culinary Breeding Network
Mission – What’s the CBN all about?
Winter Vegetables – So easy to grow!
Log House Plants and the Culinary Breeding Network – A Collaboration

Posters & Brochures

Butterfly Bed & Breakfast Project – Butterfly host plants, 11×17 poster

Butterfly Banner – Butterfly Host Plants & Nectar Plants, 11×33 banner

Row 7 Vegetables Row 7 Seed – a food company
grounded in the notion that deliciousness might
just change the world!

Butterfly Nectar Plants poster

Butterfly-Caterpillar ID Card Pocket-postcard of all 27 varieties!

Cane Berries Poster – Plant in Fall and get a jump on next year!

Chicory Poster – Want to know where your chicory comes from?

Drunken Botanist Poster – Colorful 11×17 poster

Drunken Botanist QR code – More on Amy Stewart’s book, and a QR code

Catgrass posters – a variety of letter size flyers featuring catgrass

Fall & Winter Garden Chart – Planting and harvesting chart

Fall & Winter Label Key See our Fall, Continuous and Overwintering labels

Flowering Kale and Cabbage – Colorful 11×17 poster with photos

Favorite Cards – Fruit Print-at-home Favorite Cards!

2021 Garlic – many delectable varieties with descriptions, uses, & photos

Gourds – 11×17 color poster with 22 varieties pictured

Grafted Vegetables – color handout with pictures and grafting info

Haskaps Introduction to Japanese Haskaps, by Maxine Thompson

Honey Bees – pdf list of all products that are harmful to honey bees

Indigo Tomatoes – set of four 11×17 posters with breeder info

Indigo Tomatoes – 11×17 color poster featuring Indigo Rose

Kale– 11×17 color poster

Ketchup ‘n’ Fries – Benchcard

Ketchup ‘n’ Fries – 11×17 Poster

Mighty ‘Mato Grafted Tomatoes – 11×17 color poster

Mighty ‘Mato Handout – An informative history of the Mighty ‘Mato program

Nasturtium brochure with descriptions and color photos

Nasturtium photocard signs for download and printing (24 varieities)

Oca Tubers from the Andes – handout with varieties and growing tips

Ornamental Cucumbers poster – Amazing array of spiny miniature cucumbers

Purple Power – 11×17 color poster

Rudbeckia poster – Full color 11×17 poster with photos of 14 varieties

Salanova Lettuce – 11×17 color poster (8 varieties in pdf format)

Shiso (Perilla frutescens) – Letter-size flyer with shiso info and recipes

Strawberry Poster, legal-size

Sunflowers – 11×17 color poster with 25 varieties

Super Dwarfs Banner 6 x 17 vertical banner

Super Dwarfs Brochure read about all 8 varieties!

Super Dwarfs sign check out the cool logo!

SuperNaturals Breeders – SuperNaturals Participatory Plant Breeders pdf

Sweet Pea brochure with descriptions and color photos of many varieties

Sweet Potatoes – 11×17 poster with some of our colorful varieties

Vines & Screens poster (29 varieties, jpeg format)

Wild Boar Tomatoes – 11×17 color poster

Winter Jewels Hellebore poster – Stunning hellebore series from the O’Byrnes

Climate Change

Climate Change for Gardeners – Ann Lovejoy

Engage All Americans in a Climate Mobilization – Bob Doppelt, The Register Guard

Ecological Planting in the 21st Century – Beth Chatto Symposium

The Depravity of Climate-Change Denial – Paul Krugman, The New York Times

What to expect in US cities – University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, The Daily Galaxy


What do we use? – A list of our biocontrol and growing procedures

Using biocontrols to protect butterflies – As presented at the 2023 Far West show

Sustainability Certificate – Sustainability Certificate

Articles About Log House Plants & Our New Varieties

Saving Seeds – Two PDFs on how to save seeds (crop chart and glossary)

New edibles: colorful, nutritious and delicious – Val Easton, The Seattle Times

Power Up on Purple – by Sophia Bennett for The Register-Guard, 2014

Tea: Guide to Growing Your Own Tea – a 23-page booklet by Tsubaki Camellias

Out-of-the-ordinary arugula, prickly pear cactus, Indigo tomatoesThe Oregonian

Joining Together – by Jon Stinnett for the Cottage Grove Sentinel

Can You Dig It?Wall Street Journal article on Amy Stewart and grafted tomatoes

Reader Response: Grafted tomatoes get a green thumbs up from most gardeners – by Kym Pokorny for The Oregonian

Grafted TomsVancouver Sun article about grafted tomatoes and Log House Plants

New fruits and veggies look good, taste great – Val Easton, The Seattle Times, 2012

Teaming Tomatoes – Article about grafted tomatoes in The Register-Guard

Grafted tomatoes: bigger, better for home gardeners – Val Easton, The Seattle Times

Tomato Time – By Val Easton

Two Vegetables in One… or Brussels What??? – Val Easton on Brassica ‘Petit Posy’

Vegetables that do well for me in containers – by Kym Pokorny for The Oregonian

Bright New Annuals Offer Splash for Summer – by Val Easton for the Seattle Times

New fruits, veggies are delicious to see as well as to eat – by Val Easton

A hunger for beautiful edibles – Grab & Grow vegetables, Digger Magazine

New Vegetables ’09 – by Val Easton

The Journey to the Mainstream – By Lorene Edwards Forkner for Digger Magazine

Log House Plants – By Kelly Gates for Country Folks Grower

From ruby banana trees to peas in purple pods, they’re delicious to see or eat – by Val Easton for the Seattle Times

Fringe Plants – By Lorene Edwards Forkner for Digger Magazine

Our Annual Fling – Indulge in the pleasures of some new annuals by Valerie Easton

Perennially Inviting – Fresh perennials for 2007 by Val Easton for the Seattle Times

2007 Introductions: Perennials – Kym Pokorny for The Oregonian

2007 Introductions/Vegetables – Oregonian article by Kym Pokorny

Pick of the Primroses – by Val Easton for The Seattle Times

Nursery brings home a world of great plants – Portland Tribune, Barbara Blossom Ashmun

The Perks of Perennials – by Val Easton for The Seattle Times, April 2006

Growing up Gardening – Digger article about kids gardening by Elizabeth Peterson

Growing a Vision – Horticulture Magazine article by Valerie Easton

A Growing Concern – Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine, Val Easton

At her fingertips, how a Gresham woman’s magic touch gave primroses new life – Kym Pokorny for the Oregonian

Sneak Preview – Plants Magazine article about ‘YOU and ME’ series primrose

Special Deliveries – Oregonian article featuring Echinacea ‘Doppelganger’

Antique Primroses Make a Comeback – Ann Lovejoy for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Buy One Get One Free – Article about the new hose-in-hose primrose (Primula tommasinii) from Royal Horticultural Society’s March 2003 issue of The Garden

Full Bloom – Local news article on Oregon nurseries, featuring Log House Plants

Reputation for Innovation – News article about Log House Plants


Master Gardener Propagation Packet

The Buzz on Blue Tomatoes – article at

Seed Savers Exchange: Crop-Specific Seed Saving Guide

Seed Catalogues Have Something for Everyone – Washington Post article

Garden News

Our newsletter has information about currently featured plants along with seasonal garden tips, design ideas, and planting information.

Our collection of previous issues:

Issue 40 (Cool Wave pansies, drinking vinegars)
Issue 39 (More about GMOs, new varieties)
Issue 38
(No to GMOs, yes to Wild Boar tomatoes)
Issue 37 (Fall & winter gardens)
Issue 36 (Tomatoes & pruning)
Issue 35 (More spring veggies and grafting)
Issue 34 (Spring veggies)
Issue 33 (Grafted vegetables)
Issue 32 (Frost dates, flowersprouts, sweet potatoes)
Issue 31 (Fall & winter vegetables)
Issue 30 (Watering)
Issue 29 (Tomatoes)
Issue 28 (Pollination)
Issue 27 (Spring greens)
Issue 26 (Tomatillos & ground cherries)
Issue 25 (Peppers)
Issue 24 (Plant fairs & markets)
Issue 23 (Vegetables)
Issue 22 (New Annuals)
Issue 21 (Alliums)
Issue 20 (New intros, hellebore)
Issue 19 (Grab & Grow Vegetables, cat grass)
Issue 18 (Pesto newsflash, fall tomatoes) pdf version
Issue 17 (Seasonal shrubs for cut stems) pdf version
Issue 16 (Pesto, basil, cilantro) pdf version
Issue 15 (Tropicals, fall & winter veggies) pdf version
Issue 14 (Ornamental cukes, gourds) pdf version
Issue 13 (Cocktails, cerinthe) pdf version
Issue 12 (Pesto, basil, beans) pdf version
Issue 11 (Impatiens, tropicals, coffee) pdf version
Issue 10 (Shiso & sunflowers) pdf version
Issue 9 (Tropicals, more vines & screens) pdf
Issue 8 (Vegetables, foliage plants) pdf version
Issue 7 (Sun-loving coleus, nicotiana) pdf version
Issue 6 (Tea herbs, Woodfield lupine) pdf version
Issue 5 (Vines & screens, background plants, cut flower collection) pdf version
Issue 4 (Arctotis, veggies) pdf version
Issue 3 (Nasturtium, baskets) pdf version
Issue 2 (Sweet peas, edible peas, perennials) pdf
Issue 1 (Delphiniums, garlic starts) print/pdf version


English Delphiniums – Detailed cultural and general information about these spectacular perennials

Delphiniums Thrive with Pampering – Oregonian article on care

Hand-pollinating takes dedication – How to hand pollinate delphiniums

New Heights English Delphiniums – Oregonian article about these extraordinary new dwarf varieties


Garlic Recipes – Our favorite method of roasting garlic and French Noixail

Culinary Herbs – History and tips for using herbs in cooking

Cocktail Recipes – Enjoy a refreshing cocktail made with Cuban Mojito mint, lime-scented Margarita mint, or blue agave

Cocktail Collection flyer with photos

Shiso, Perilla frutescens – Learn how to grow & use this asian culinary herb. Includes recipes.

Pesto Recipes and Herbal Tea Recipes for you to enjoy

Catnip – Nature’s Mosquito Repellent – Catnip Repels Mosquitoes More Effectively Than DEET

Essential Oils of Herbs – Uses and history of essential oils, how to distill essential oils

Luscious Lemon Grass – Enjoy this herb in your garden, kitchen, bath or boudoir, by Ann Lovejoy

Stevia – Sweet Herb of Paraguay – How to grow and use stevia from your garden

Swat Team – Catnip and other mosquito repellents reviewed in the Eugene Register-Guard

Super Naturals Grafted Vegetables – Mighty ‘Mato grafted tomatoes

Butterfly Gardening

Welcoming Butterflies to Our Gardens – The life cycle of butterflies and how to invite them to your garden

Butterfly Bed & Breakfast Project – Butterfly host plants provide the unique food source needed for each caterpillar/butterfly species, 11×17 poster

Butterfly Banner – Butterfly Host Plants & Butterfly Nectar Plants, 11×33 banner

Butterfly Nectar Plants – 11×17 poster

Flying Flowers – Butterfly Garden advice from the North American Butterfly Association

BUTTERFLY BED & BREAKFAST PLANTS – Log House variety list, each butterfly is listed with its corresponding host plant

Butterfly/Caterpillar ID Card

Using Biocontrols to protect butterflies – a PDF of our Biocontrol program, as presented at the 2023 Far West show

Other Topics

Folk Remedy Yields Mosquito-Thwarting Compound – ARS research on Callicarpa (beautyberry)

Milkweed, not just for butterflies! – An interview with Eric Lee-Mäder from A Way to Garden.

Seasonal Cut Stem Shrubs – photos and descriptions of this new collection (in pdf format)

Pruning Flowering Shrubs – An overview of pruning concepts from Colorado State University Extension

Calcutta – A Horticultural Adventure – Bob Lilly’s article about traveling in India with some plant-loving friends including our own Alice Doyle

Cocktail Recipes – Enjoy a refreshing cocktail made with Cuban Mojito mint, lime-scented Margarita mint, or blue agave

A Noteworthy Garden – Explore the connections between Flowers, Color & Music

Tropicals for Temperate Gardens – Ann Lovejoy writes about growing tropical plants in temperate climates

The Plight of the Honeybee – Ideas for nurturing our native pollinators by Ann Lovejoy

Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens’ (Honeywort) – History, descriptions, and tips

Lupin ‘New Generation Hybrids’ – Winners of over 13 gold medals at Chelsea & Royal Horticultural Society

Sun Loving Coleus – Coleus, a mainstay of shady American borders since the 1890’s, now boasts new cultivars that thrive in the sun.

Grow to Know the World – RG article about plant origins of the world and the Grow to Know the World program initiated at Log House

Garden Blogs & Columns

A Way to Garden – A garden blog and podcast from Margaret Roach, gardening columnist for the New York Times.

Big Blog Of Gardening – an organic gardening blog by Todd Heft

Fresh Dirt – Contemporary projects, style finds, scouting shots, deals, and more from the writers and editors at Sunset Magazine and

Garden Rant – Four gardeners from different corners of the USA weblog about their dirt gardening philosophy, with plenty of social commentary

Garden Time – William & Judy’s weekly guide for the gardener based on Portland’s #1 garden show

Gardening Blogs by Region – a list of regional blogs

Green Gardening with Ann Lovejoy – an invitation for you to visit with Northwest garden writer Ann Lovejoy in her garden and kitchen

Homes & Gardens Tips – daily tips from the Oregonian

My Garden – Royal Horticultural Society’s blog page

New Plants – Industry insider and garden writer Graham Rice shares details of new and exciting plant introductions

Plant Life – Val Easton’s column in The Seattle Times

Plant Talk with Graham Rice – Graham Rice, a graduate of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, writes on Mr Fothergill’s blog

Planted at Home – garden blog by Lorene Edwards Forkner, a freelance writer and award-winning garden designer

Plantwise – A look at Portland’s lively gardening culture from Portland Monthly

The Salt – A very engaging and informative NPR blog about food and culture

TransAtlantic Plants – Garden plants, native plants, invasive plants, and more from Graham Rice

A Way to Garden – by Margaret Roach, a former editor at Martha Stewart Living

The Garden Professors – a collaboration of four professors from across the US