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2024 Broker Information for Wholesale Growers:

2024 SuperNaturals Grafted Vegetables liners for wholesale growers

SuperNaturals Grafted Vegetables, LLC is excited to announce we have entered into a 2024 licensing agreement with Tri-Hishtil, one of the world’s premier producers of grafted vegetables, to produce the Mighty ‘Mato and Mighty Veggie line of grafted liners.
Tri-Hishtil grafts for farmers, shipping 400,000 grafted liners a week during the season. They are looking forward to collaborating with SuperNaturals to graft for US wholesale growers and the home garden market that they refer to as (using the European term), the “hobby market.”
Working together ensures The Mighty line of grafted plants will continue to be the number one retail brand of grafted vegetables in the country, providing home gardeners with better resistance to disease and environmental stresses such as drought, greater vigor and increased harvests.
Please see the attached information for our line of grafted vegetables that will be produced by Tri-Hishtil this coming season. All orders will be placed with Log House Plants.

2024 Timeline for ordering grafted vegetable liners

• December 12, 2023: All orders must be submitted by this date or earlier.
• Acknowledgments: Log House will send an acknowledgement soon after we receive your order.
• Deposit: Tri-Hishtil requires $0.80 per plant deposit before a crop will be sowed. The deposit due date will be noted in your acknowledgment and will be 8-10 weeks before you receive your plants.
• In 2024 there are three ship dates, Weeks of February 25th, March 10th and March 24th. Peppers are shipped Week of March 10th only.
Log House and Tri-Hishtil will work with you to make sure you receive the best shipping rates available. FOB Mills River, NC

2024 Pricing and variety list of grafted vegetable liners
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2024 Plug Connection brokered by Log House Plants
Log House Plants continues to broker Plug Connection’s comprehensive propagation listing of seed and vegetative annuals, perennials, certified organic herbs and vegetables, grasses, houseplants and succulents.

2024 Plug Connection, total listing of 7000 varieties brokered by Log House Plants

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