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2023 Broker Information for Wholesale Growers:

Log House Plants brokers Grafted Growers and Plug Connection

Our partnership, SuperNaturals Grafted Vegetables LLC, is excited to announce that we have entered into a licensing agreement with Grafted Growers to produce the Mighty ‘Mato and Mighty Veggie line of grafted liners. Grafted Growers has been advancing the science, technology, and craft of healing superior grafted plants since 2014. Our new business relationship ensures that The Mighty line of grafted plants will continue to be the number one retail brand of grafted vegetables in the country; providing home gardeners with better disease resistance, less crop environmental stress, greater vigor and increased harvests.We are confident you will continue to receive the same high quality grafted vegetables you’ve come to expect. We express our gratitude for the wonderful relationship with Plug Connection these last 10 years and look forward to carrying on the tradition with Grafted Growers.

2023 Pricing of Grafted Growers Grafted Vegetables Liners

Log House Plants continues to broker Plug Connection’s comprehensive propagation listing of seed and vegetative annuals, perennials, certified organic herbs and vegetables, grasses, houseplants and succulents.

2023 Plug Connection, total listing of 7000 varieties brokered by Log House Plants

Super Dwarfs

Mighty ‘Mato, Mighty Veggie, Ketchup ‘n’ Fries

2023 Mighty ‘Mato Program with Grafted Growers – terms, shipping, varieties

What’s New in 2023 in Grafted Vegetables?

Potential Custom Grafted Varieties

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