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Log House Plants has the honor of brokering the comprehensive listing of seed and vegetative annuals, perennials, certified organic herbs and vegetables, grasses, succulents and certified organic grafted vegetables propagated by Plug Connection in Vista, California

2022 Pricing of Grafted Vegetables Liners

2022 Plug Connection, total listing of 7000 varieties brokered by Log House Plants

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What’s New in 2022 in Grafted Vegetables?

Sunfinity Sunflower Sell Sheet

Sunfinity Sunflower Production Guide

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Ketchup ’n’ Fries POP

Kosmic Kale

Super Dwarfs

Mighty ‘Mato & Mighty Veggies POP

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Farmers: please contact alice @ for grafted vegetable quotes and to discuss disease resistant rootstocks specific for your agricultural needs.