Grab & Grow Gardens

Grab & Grow Gardens

Grab & Grow We’re especially excited to introduce our Grab and Grow Gardens, regional vegetable collections sold in half flats (nine 4-inch pots).  After interviewing nursery experts and master gardeners from all over the Northwest and listening to their success stories, we’ve designed seven collections for each climate area, with varieties chosen for flavor, productivity, and ease of care.  Grab and Grow is part of our overall “Grow Your Own” vegetable campaign: in light of rising food costs and growing concern about the quality, impact, and origin of what we eat, we’re expanding and emphasizing our selection of vegetable starts, to help gardeners who want to “grow their own” and save on the grocery bill.

The collections we’ll be offering are:

  • Tried & True Vegetables
  • Delicious Heirloom Vegetables
  • Vegetables for Drying, Canning, and Freezing
  • Vegetables for Small Space Gardens
  • Salsa Garden
  • Herbs for Pesto
  • Barbeque Garden

View the regional collections for more planting tips & info:

Resources for Oregon gardeners:

  • Growing Your Own Vegetables – A practical guide to vegetable gardening in Oregon, from the OSU Extension Service
  • Regional tips – Gardening tips for the Oregon Coast, Rogue Valley, Central/Eastern Oregon and the Columbia River Valley, from the OSU Extension Service

Resources for Washington gardeners:

Resources for Idaho gardeners:

Resources for all gardeners:


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